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Never enough color.


Camp Portrait

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We took a camping mini vacation to the eastern end of Long Island this week. This photo of our new cook pot reflects the scene of the dune campsite in Montauk called Hither Hills where we stayed for three sunny, sandy days. It sits atop the stove in the orange Vanagon.

What a beautiful place: the dunes were completely covered in roses, and the waves were gentle and not too cold to swim in (but almost!). We felt a world away from humid Manhattan.

We picked up ripe early summer produce like these strawberries and leggy asparagus at a farmstand along the way. This is a great way to start vacation cookery. Nick grilled every thing for every meal, including english muffins for breakfast.

On Tuesday we broke camp and drove to the Montauk Lighthouse, then had lunch at Joni's (a cheerful surfer's lunch spot that serves great coffee and healthsome, delish sandwiches alongside bouquets of peonies) before going for a hike through Shadmoor State Park. This park is where Roosevelt and the Rough Riders recuperated from the Spanish-American war and where, now, you can ramble around the dunes and former pastures and take in the expansive view.

That night we had a gooey fudge brownie sundae at John's Drive In, then retired to the campsite in time for a beautiful sunset.


Dinner with Friends

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Last night we had dinner with the best of friends, Jenny and Erik. The place: Fada, on the corner of Driggs and North 8th in Williamsburg. We like this french bistro for its peppery, well-portioned dishes and quiet backyard. On the weekends they have great live music (aka French Gypsy style covers of Bjork).



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This girl needs a real garden. Meanwhile, my pansies, geraniums, portulaca, and cherry tomatos are very happy.