Earliest Spring Sprouts

earliest spring sprouts 1/27/10, originally uploaded by isabelle gr.

Last fall I planted our entire container garden with spring bulbs, so that when the baby is born this spring we'll have a garden full of tulips and daffodils. For early spring, I planted fritillaria and crocuses. Yesterday I looked outside and saw these two tiny blooms, much earlier than I expected them!

Nick and I are working hard on our construction project, creating a new bedroom in our warehouse home. I've taken a break from the blog for most of the past year, but now that we have so many exciting projects going on, I will try to better document them. Here are two quick portraits of the parents to be, enjoying the late winter sunshine in our driveway garden. This is also the official start of week 29. Only about 10 weeks to go! Happy 2010!