new york sunset: city of angles

We spent the last week in New York, celebrating a wedding, some babies, a few toddlers, and one new pregnancy. It was a full week! My mom and I joked that the whole trip was a family planning pitch directed at the visiting young couple.
Nick was very sick for the first half of the trip, and as soon as he felt better he hurt his shoulder, so that was kind of rough. But we managed to have a pretty wonderful trip. Thank you everyone.


hothouse colors

tulips on my work table


As part of what we like to call the Lego Generation, we will always have a soft spot for those hard, sharp little building blocks. That being said, Legos don't usually make us cry unless we step on one, transforming that soft spot from a nostalgic emotion into a very real and tender pad of your foot.

This week amazing illustrator Christoph Niemann delighted the ex- Legoists and ex-New Yorkers here in our house, when the NY Times published the latest installment of his Abstract City Blog.