another day, another latte VII: First Seattle Edition!

They really do deserve the reputation for good coffee around here. And nice views! Here is one of our favorite spots near our shop: Lighthouse Roasters. The Olympic Mountains rise above the city, covered with fresh snow. You can enjoy this view if you stand out in the middle of our street, too, but we don't yet have a nice bench out front like Lighthouse does.

These fine specimens come from our other favorite cafe, Cafe Fiore. As hard as we try, Nick and I have not been able to replicate the delicate milk feathers that the barista creates with a subtle flick of the pitcher. I think the only way we'll get it is if we keep drinking more lattes.

A magnet decorates the side of the espresso giddy-up at Fiore that reads: "I'll have a Caffe Mocha Vodka Marijuana Latte to go, please!"


postcards from prague

IMG_1618.JPG, originally uploaded by eva.eileen.

This morning we looked through Eva's wonderful photographs from her trip to Prague. What a beautiful city! Books, buildings, and gargoyles. This photo is especially interesting to us as we design the railings and other metal work for our loft, which Nick will start building this week. And I guess we'll need some amazing wallpaper to match!

I love watching my siblings as they travel the world: Eva to Eastern Europe, Bennett to Cambodia, Delia to Mexico, all in the space of one year. I am inspired by their photographs, sketches, and stories.