first day with bauhaus, originally uploaded by isabelle gr.

Yesterday we welcomed a puppy to the shop, and here he is. Bauhaus, or Bau for short, is 6 months old. He is a pointer mix. That mix may include basset hound, beagle, or another smell hound. Smell, not smelly. He is not smelly, or loud, or mean. He is timid and sweet and in need of training. He came from a wonderful shelter called PAWS, where a team of big-hearted volunteers shepherd a rowdy herd of lost dogs with the utmost sympathy and care. Our guy had only arrived three days before we happened to stop by, but he had already won many fans.

Today we went on 478 walks, brushed his spotted coat, tempted him with treats, rewarded much sitting and shaking paws, and sat around watching him sleep. What a good boy!



my nasturtium seedlings, originally uploaded by isabelle gr.

I am taking advantage of the beautiful light that floods our new home by starting as many little seedlings as I can. These are nasturtiums. I also have basil and hyacinth vine. The vine is out of control already, and the basil is hanging back, keeping its cards close to the vest. They have personalities, these plants.


work like an egyptian

our house in february, originally uploaded by isabelle gr.

I couldn't resist photographing Nick as he installed our new bookshelves. His classical poses are refined, timeless, yet undeniably macho. You should see him do the laundry.


50th street bakery, in homage to sullivan street bakery

cauliflower focaccia, originally uploaded by isabelle gr.

Oh how we miss you, Sullivan Street Bakery! This humble offering is our first attempt at baking bread in the style of our favorite bakery in New York. Mmmm!

Beginning with a basic focaccia recipe, I added thick slices of cauliflower marinated in turmeric and curry spices, laid out symmetrically like book-matched wood veneers. I seared the cauliflower briefly in a pan before laying it over the dough just before baking. The bread rises around the topping and nestles it.

I made this for dinner last night when we had friends over. I'm so glad it turned out! We ate it with bell peppers stuffed with quinoa and almonds; and a lentil, spinach, and roasted tomato casserole thing topped with pappadams and a cilantro sauce. Yum!