a fresh coat of paint

IMG_0240, originally uploaded by isabelle gr.

Our new bedroom is 99% ready, and by the end of today it will be 100%. What's left? A bit of trim and our extra tall door to paint, a bed frame to buy, and a rug pad to put between the cold concrete floor and our rug. Icelandic Poppy is the name of the barely pink color we chose for the walls, our concession to the fact that this bedroom is part nursery, part grown up room.

The corner you see here is actually the nursery nook. We left the twisting wooden column white, a nod to the days when this room was used to sew sail cloth for the boats made in Ballard. To the left of the column will be the baby's changing table/dresser, and to the right will be her crib eventually, after she outgrows the co-sleeper. For now we'll put the rocking chair in that corner. We'll add some shelves over the dresser, too. I can't wait to move everything in!

Here I am at 30 weeks and 5 days, painting my laundry room. I am wearing: my high tech, not-your-wimpy-dust-mask, asthmatic's special respirator; ancient running shoes; and pre-pregnancy painting jeans held up by the sheer power of will. Attractive!


Kim said...

You guys!! Babytime! I'm so happy for you! Go team! oxoxokim

Jenny + Erik + Ellis said...

I can't believe you are almost 31 weeks! You look beautiful and I know how excited you two must be!!!